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Parent's Code of Conduct


It is expected that parents of players of the Voorhees Lacrosse Association shall conduct themselves in a manner that is of the highest standards while at training, practice sessions, games, tournaments, or any other function or event or tournaments. The Board of Directors and Coaching staff will not tolerate any unsportsmanlike or derogatory behavior during training, practice sessions, games, tournaments, or any other function or event when the players are representing the Club.

As a parent of a player for the Voorhees Lacrosse Association, I hereby pledge to provide support, care and encouragement for my child and promise to uphold the following Code of Conduct:

1.   I will encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support for all players, coaches, officials and opposing player, coaches and teams.

2.   I will place the emotional and physical well being of my child ahead of any personal desire to win.

3.   I will insist that my child play in a safe and healthy environment.

4.   I will provide support for coaches, liaison and officials training and working with my child to provide a positive, enjoyable experience for all.

5.   I will demand a drug, alcohol and tobacco free sports environment for my child and all children, and agree to assist by refraining from their use at any and all Club activities.

6.   I will remember that the game is for the children and not for the adults.

7.   I will do my best to make this sports activity fun for my child and all participating children.

8.   I will ask my child to treat all players, coaches, fans, liaison and officials with respect regardless of sex, creed or ability.

9.   I will help my child enjoy their sports experience within my personal constraints by assisting with finances, being a respectful fan, providing transportation or whatever I am capable of doing to support my child and the Club.

10.       I agree not to stand near the training and/or practice area and will maintain a distance of approximately 100 yards away from training and/or practice activities so as not to cause a distraction during the session.

11.       I will not approach the trainers or coaches before; during or after a training and/or practice session and games mutually agreed upon arrangements have been made prior.

12.       I will not coach any player or interfere with any coaching activities during the training and/or games.

13.       I agree not to criticize or make any disparaging comments about any player, coach, or official during training and/or practice sessions or games.

I hereby read the above Parents Code of Conduct and understand that my (our) failure to uphold any of these statements may result in disciplinary action by the Board of Directors or the Coaches, which may include, but is not limited to, monetary sanctions and/or the forfeiture of my (our) right to attend and watch my child participate in any training, practice sessions, game, tournament, or any other Club function or event.

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Voorhees Lacrosse Association

P.O. Box 776 
Voorhees, New Jersey 08043

Email: [email protected]

Voorhees Lacrosse Association

P.O. Box 776 
Voorhees, New Jersey 08043

Email: [email protected]
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